Eating Lunch Under Blindfold

Employees at SAAVI and other organizations for the visually impaired must occasionally blindfold themselves while attempting certain tasks, in order to understand their clients needs. Here, Colleen, who has worked in the field of visual impairment for several years, guides Emily, who, for the first time, experiences eating a meal without sight.

Blindfolded at Pita Jungle

Here, Emily and Colleen both blindfold themselves and attempt a dinner out at a local Pita Jungle restaurant. Two friends accompany them, Amy and Celeste. Amy is a professional mobility expert in VI services, and is visually impaired herself. The dinner drew the attention of other Pita Jungle guests to the issues of the blind.

Melody Crossing the Street

Melody, a SAAVI client who is totally blind, gets a lesson in mobility from Amy. She must learn how to listen to traffic, navigate curbs and overcome her fear of crossing streets, in order to arrive at the light rail stop.

Cooking with Mike and Stefan

Mike is an instructor at SAAVI of several tasks, including Tai Chi, exercise, yoga and cooking. Here, he instructs Stefan, a SAAVI client, in making a stew. Next, Emily dons the blindfold again to “see” how it is to cut up vegetables without sight.

Indian Food

In another blindfolded dinner out, Shannon, a counselor at SAAVI, and Emily go under blindfold to deal with Indian food. Colleen accompanies them as their guide. Shannon, who is somewhat visually impaired, discusses the idea of “passing” for a sighted person.

Braille Writing

Fernando and Lisa, clients at SAAVI, learn how to write numbers on a classic braille writer. Jenny, an instructor at SAAVI, and totally blind herself, discusses how braille was invented.