Living Blind in Pictures and Words

Issue No. 1

"Living Blind in Pictures and Words" explores the experience of living with visual impairment through photographs, videos and interviews. The project aims to give a voice to the participants and provide insight to the general public about issues related to visual impairment. In addition, our intention is to create increased awareness and support for Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired (SAAVI). 

Contributors to this Issue

  • Emily Matyas
  • Colleen Oakes
  • Rembrandt Quiballo
  • Dave Wright

About SEE

MISSION STATEMENT: To examine and understand the pertinent issues of our time. To forge connections across physical, ideological, and cultural boundaries. To reinforce stewardship of life, land, air, and water. Above all, to rekindle compassion.

WHAT WE DO: We study a significant social concern and examine its far-reaching effects across the commmunity and beyond. We work with non-profits and artists to discern what can and what is being done. Via our Links page, we include information from scientific reports, artists' projects, book reviews, etc., that exemplify society's response.